My name is Aysha. I am an ordinary Muslim wife, and mother. Like you, I have my own many struggles and weaknesses.

A few years back, I started suffering with anxiety and at that time, in my early twenties, with obsessive compulsive disorder. Seeing as my own mother was (and is) also a sufferer and is on long-term medication, this frightened me. I would not be content with my wudhu, my salah. I was plagued with doubts. But my mothers condition and by the grace of Allah, I sought solutions. I fought hard. I set mental goals. I was determined to beat this before it ruined my life.

Alhamdulillah many years later, it eased and although I still get occasional generalised anxiety, it is very minimal and not consistent.

This experience made me aware of and ever-more grateful for the beautiful grace of my Lord, and the sheer power of determination to improve one’s condition.

During this time and since this episode, I am ever-more realising the need for self-reflection and self-improvement. To identify our weaknesses, our struggles and not to be overcome by them, but to riseI believe myself, and for you, that great things are possible. If we only have the time and courage to identify our struggles and know where and how to look to start on the journey to self-betterment.

So, I Can Rise, was developed primarily as a benefit to myself insAllah, and for you.

But for it to work, you’ve got to believe in the help of Your Lord, and believe in yourself. Through dua, consistency and effort, we can do this insAllah!

On a greater level, through our collective efforts may we restore greatness to our ummah! Ameen!

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